Thursday, January 31, 2008


Both my sister and I have a fascination(or should I call it an obsession?) with colorful vegetables. I guess it all started when we decided to plant a garden last year. We started looking at different seed websites and catalogs. There was such an amazing beautiful variety. Of course we couldn't just plant "normal" red tomatoes, we planted orange, purple, white, and green! The same went for everything else, the more unusual the better. So, we have started to plan the garden for this summer. When we started ordering seeds I said "We really need to just limit ourselves and not buy every possible color of tomatoes". Well somehow instead of the five tomato varieties we had last year, we ended up with twelve varieties! Twelve! It's crazy! But it sure is fun.
Our favorite place to order seeds is Baker Creek. It was fun to look at all the varieties they have and make our order. The most exciting part was when a large envelope stuffed with seeds arrived in the mail! We ended up getting so many that I am not quite sure just where to plant them all...
I was reminded of all this yesterday while shopping at a local specialty market and saw this purple cauliflower. How could I resist?


Felicia said...

What beautiful vegetables. Sounds like you're going to have a fabulous garden :)

Spa Therapy Works said...

How fun! and what a beautiful pink cauliflower! makes me want to eat it. :)

Annie Howes said...

Gorgeous veggies! I love them!

Amy Esther said...


I worked for a woman once with an unholy obsession with heirloom tomatoes...we had so many kinds, it was unbelievable!!

Jezabels Jewels said...'s purple cauliflower!


(sorry, I'm really rather taken with the purple cauliflower, lol!)

idyll hands said...

Ah well, welcome to my world. I can't seem to just pick a few things, I have to have them all. Any advice on seed starting? I started my seeds early last year and I still didn't have great tomato plant until too late in the summer.