Friday, February 22, 2008

Rainy Days Work

Rainy days are so perfect for getting indoor projects done. The last few days I have been busy. Yesterday I spent all day organizing my room, especially my craft supplies. It wasn't particularly fun, but the results are satisfying. It is so convenient to have a place where everything belongs.
Today I took up the hem on a dress I am wearing to a wedding next weekend. It is a beautiful dress but was way too long on short little me :) Then I made patchwork hotpad tops for a gift for someone special. I will have to finish the hotpads soon. I am not a quilter at all. But I have been making quilted hotpads recently. It is more fun than I expected. When I get good enough at it maybe I will attempt a full size quilt.

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DragoninKnots said...

Beautiful hotpads! I love the look of quilted items, but I am always afraid I would never finish a quilt if I started one.