Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A New Green Coat

This was supposed to be yesterdays post, but I didn't quite finish the job.
So here it is today!

I set aside yesterday afternoon for shearing Willow my Pygora goat. Her glossy white curls had grown quite long and if not cut soon could have become tangled and matted.
The first part is always easy. She loves jumping onto the stand to get her grain! Then I brush off any loose bits of hay from her coat and start clipping. This year I invested in some handy pet clippers. It was so much easier than the scissors I used last time! I was a little afraid that the buzzing would scare her more but it didn't, she was actually much calmer. Actually I was too because there wasn't as much risk of cutting her. She was still nervous about her legs and stomach though. I was able to get her mostly clipped when the battery died, so I had to let that charge overnight. This morning I finished her up. She looks a bit pathetic without her hair. I hope she doesn't feel too badly and that the other goats don't laugh at her too much. Just in case, I got her a fashionable green coat to wear:) Oh, it will also keep her warm now that she doesn't have her own coat. I think she rather likes it!


Distressing Delilah said...

How cute! That pile of fur look like my dog yogi!

Kate said...

How cute! And that last picture of the hair just looks soo soft and luxurious!

ThisOldHenHouse said...

awww, adorable! And her new green jacket is swanky! The other goats are going to be jeleous!